Thursday, August 23, 2012

MS isn't always to blame!

Well, I feel the title of this post says it all! Let me give you a run down as to why that is...

So last weekend I had really bad vertigo/dizziness and it was causing really bad migraines that were making me sick...

So I was taking it easy, called my neuro's office... Let them know about what was going on...

Well on Sunday I woke up with really bad lower back pain, which I just thought I slept wrong... & the fact that I woke up to Luke's feet in my back.

So I took some pain meds and it was feeling a bit better... During this time I'm still a bit "woozy" feeling. Monday I woke up with the same exact back pain... I'm like okay, so maybe the weather change we had caused my MS to just irritate me more than it already does.

Well, Tuesday my back pain was just ridiculous to where I just wanted to sleep so I didn't feel the pain. Then I started havin sharp stabbing pains... I was then asked if I needed to go to the hospital for it ( I was actually TOLD to go but I will leave my bossy bestie out of this lol )

So James took me to the hospital, they run their tests... Give me IV pain killer, which never worked... Finally came back with the diagnosis of a kidney infection.

So, that's what I've been dealing wit and that's what I mean about it's not always MS.

I was sitting here thinking that the weather change was just making my symptoms worse and not even contemplating that there was anything else causing the pain I was in.

So moral of the story, even though ER like to blame all of our misfortunes on our MS, it's not always the problem at hand. Now that I'm treating the kidney infection, I'm worried that my immune system is now trying to fight of the infection, and that it will start miss firing on to my nerves.

Hopefully I caught it soon and I won't suffer a relapse due to the kidney infection... Seeing as copaxone takes 6 months to be in "full" effect.

Speaking of copaxone, it's just the icing on the cake right now! I'm having the most irritating injection site reactions even a few days after I ha the shot in the certain injection area... I'm talking about the hard lump feeling and this uncontrollable itching... It seems that the Benadryl is helping, but it's still irritating and I can't be taking Benadryl all the time or else I'll be out for the count!

Alright, just wanted to give an update. Time for some shut eye!



  1. You may benefit from BG12 when the FDA releases it later this coming winter, hopefully. Talk to your Neuro. Mine is all for it. I know someone that was in all clinical trials and had great success with it. God's Hand be with you through this. Please sign my petition and share it to spread the word. Thanks!

  2. I have been on Copaxone since October 2011. I still get the big welts, but the itching has subsided quite a bit the past couple of months. My shared solutions nurse recommended using witch hazel pads on the itching and it REALLY works and no need to take benadryl. Take care !

  3. A common misconception, especially in early stage, blame it on the M M M M MS