Friday, March 30, 2012

The disabled caring for the disabled...

Well, let me tell you first off that this past week has been EXHAUSTING! Last Friday, one of the captain's from James's work went into Cardiac Arrest and has been in the hospital on life support. Then the next night... Saturday night/Sunday morning... James and I went to have a beer to let off some stress. I of course was sitting at the bar, because I can't walk around well. All of a sudden all of the guys we were there with went running towards the bathrooms. I'm like great, they are fighting someone, or something. I go back there and James, my husband, is laying on the ground in a pool of blood. 

Apparently, he was turning to walk in to the bathroom, when some RANDOM guy sucker punched him. It knocked him out, he hit the floor and split hit head open. So, this guy... just hit him for no reason and took off out the back door. So, James was rushed to the nearest trauma center hospital, and I was riding shot gun in the Ambulance. 

We get to the ER and they did a CT scan, he had bleeding in and around his brain, with brain swelling. So he was admitted to the ICU (two rooms away from his captain that has been fighting for his life). He got discharged on Monday since there was no progression in the bleeding and/or swelling. We are going to the neurosurgeon today for a follow-up appointment, to see where we need to go from here. 

He has been out of work this whole week... and has had to sleep on the recliner for elevation. So I've been sleeping on the couch to be there with him and wake him to take his meds. Needless to say, I haven't slept in my actual BED since last Friday night! 

You know what they say, "when it rains it pours". So, now you know why I haven't been posting lately, because my time has been consumed with taking care of him. His dad took off work this whole week to help me with him and the kids. Thank goodness for that. 

This morning, Jason woke up to get ready for school, and come to find out... HE HAS PINK EYE! I'm like... REALLY! What else are you gonna throw at me in the next week! James and I actually went in to the ER on Wednesday night, because he was running a fever, and they wanted to check for any kind of infection... no infection, he is having what they call a neurogenic fever? It's so hard to watch him just be in pain and sleep all the time. I guess I'm getting a taste of what he goes through on a daily basis seeing me in pain... 

Everyone is worried that I'm going to go into a flare, from all the stress that I've undergone this past week. While I'm trying to take it easy when I can, and keep my stress level down... it's still hard to keep my stress level down, with bad things continuously happening all around me. 

During all of this, I'm still trying to keep the house maintained and everything... and be there for the kids... when all I want to do is SLEEEP!

Oh by the way, last Thursday, I called my neuro because I was extremely fatigued.. I guess the Nuvigil just decided not to help me with my fatigue anymore. So I discontinue the Nuvigil, and I am now on Adderral. It's helping with my fatigue a lot, considering everything that is wearing me down. 

Well, I'm gonna go check on James, and try and get some of the blood out of his hair... the people at the hospital, stitched up the back of his head without cutting his hair, so all of his hair is matted down by the stitches... Hopefully he will get the stitches out today! 

I'm hoping for some sort of GOOD news from his neuro surgeon appointment today, but we will see. I'll keep everyone posted when I can! 



  1. Oh my goodness! I hope things lighten up for your soonest.

  2. I hope you and James find out some good news today. I also hope that you will be alright, and not go into a flare. Just an FYI, whole milk will take care of Jason's pink eye, better than antibiotic drops....Just letting you know. Thinking about you guys!


  3. I didn't kbo they gave adderal for ms fatigue. Interesting. I have had awful fatigue since my last relapse a month ago.