Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Looking Back...

Lately, I've been remembering my life before I got MS... how active I was and how I was healthy and motivated and always doing something... and I could get by and no sleep, easily. Those were the days, right? I do miss the way things used to be... I wish I could do the things I used to do. Being diagnosed with MS though, has shown me not to take things for granted.

A lot of people live their lives feeling invisible from any kind of wrong doing that could come their way. That was me... I mean, I used to complain about some things in life, but now it's like... why did I complain about the littlest things... They seem so minor now, compared to what I have to go through these days.

With March being MS Awareness Month, I'm really trying to think of ways to help raise awareness about MS. Any ideas? I want to do something different that will stand out!

On another note... Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been super busy & when I haven't been busy I've been really fatigued so when I get time to rest, I take it. Then I've been dealing with a dog bite. Two of my dogs got into it and I tried to break it up and my leg got in the middle of it and I have a deep puncture wound on my leg. If it's not my MS, it's always something right?

I'm still dealing with the constant weather change of Texas. I swear, I wish I could just pick up and move but not leave the people around me at the same time. While it's snowing in a lot of places it's like mid 70's here. I love the 70's weather, but I wish it would just stay that way for a little bit!

Now on to Tysabri... I haven't really had the energy boost that I had last time... maybe it's because I've been doing too much? I don't know. I wish it would come back though! Lately I've just been wanting to sit on the couch and not move! Just sit here and play Angry Birds all day long. lol

I've had something on my mind though.... I'm wondering if Mitt Romney actually does become our president... I'm wondering if MS will have more attention! His wife has MS, so that's just why I was asking.

You know, used to spasticity was my biggest symptom of MS, but now I'm thinking it's fatigue! And of course the cog-fog that comes along with fatigue. Yesterday morning, I put the juice up in the cabinet with the cups! Can we say brain fart?

I'm gonna go try and get some things done around the house!


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  1. so we really are clones the beginning of the blog yes i went and went go go go with little sleep. mitt romney, twice i posted on his facebook would he do anything or use his wife's MS as a platform of some sort. never got an answer. waas deleted in fact. and the juice...i put the cereal box in the fridge. so funny to read things or listen to someone talk and they have the same things as you. you really aren't crazy or atleast not crazy and alone. keep your wound clean you don't want an infection with the tysabri. i haven't had my rush of energy and my 21month old just hang out all day. i get raging uti kidney infections after the infusion. thats really my only side effect and when i got the cold/crud that is going around i had it for almost a month. i feel like i could walk up to you and give you a hug and tlk for days like we have known each other for years. kate.