Monday, January 9, 2012

First Infusion SCHEDULED!

I'm like... so excited and nervous right now. I spoke w/ the infusion clinic today and I am going in on Thursday for my first infusion of Tysabri! I'm gonna have my blanket, computer and a book! Two hours is a long time! My mom is coming up that afternoon to help out, in case I have a reaction to it or something... Which I'm hoping that I don't.

I went to the gym again today... It feels good going to the gym. I know that I'm strengthening my muscles and everything... but later on my legs and everything are just weak... I keep grabbing on to things, expecting to fall. One thing that really upset me at the gym is that I was trying to do this one arm/leg work out that James showed me.... and I was like I don't know if I can hold my balance, but I'll try it anyways...
So, ya.... I tried it and busted my butt... which I'm used to falling so that isn't what ticked me off. What ticked me off was... this guy close by was freaking LAUGHING.. SERIOUSLY? It took all I had to not go off on him, or throw the weight at him I had in my hand.

I'm just trying to do my best that I can... and people laugh, it's like a slap in my face. I mean, I already was having issues earlier at the gym. I was walking on the treadmill & my left foot went numb again. I had to hold on to the sides just to make sure that I didn't trip and face plant on the treadmill. I'm glad that when I'm at the gym, James is there, in case anything was to ever happen to me. ((knock on wood))

As of right now, I don't want to move! My knees keep giving in, so I don't really trust them at the moment. I'm still ooberly excited/nervous to start Tysabri. I haven't been on a DMD since the end of November. I'm hoping that I have NO more flares.

I don't think that the constant change in weather here in Texas, really helps the way I'm feeling. It's like a roller coaster in temperatures... once I get used to the weather, it changes. It's like really... GIVE ME A BREAK MOTHER NATURE! Like seriously... look at this weather forecast:

This is sooooo tiring! Well, I'm exhausted... I'm going to take a nice bath & go to bed.


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