Friday, January 6, 2012

Too fatigued to move!

I had the LONGEST day ever yesterday! I left the house at 9:15 and didn't get back home to actually sit down till a little after 4! I did go to Walk Aide yesterday... and tried out their device. I didn't really realize how weak and how bad my foot drop was on my right foot. The lady told me that the nerve that the "electrodes" had to go on were normally in this certain spot, as she pointed to it... I warned her that I wasn't text book. What do you know, I wasn't. My nerve was like in the bend of my knee on the back... So we go the device set up and I walked with it! I didn't realize how much I was actually dragging my foot till the device actually picked up my foot, like it's supposed to normally function. If you don't know about Walk Aide, click here. I didn't know that over 60% of the people using the device, have MS.

So after that was all done, I went to the grocery store... I started off by pushing a basket, but ended up needing assistance and getting a scooter. I didn't tell anybody this, by the way. One of the girls that knows me that works there, knew I wasn't doing good and pretty much forced me in to the scooter lol Gotta love the people at my local grocery store. They just know me from shopping there and they are so kind and know me by name & know about my condition.

Needless to say when I finally got home, I was exhausted. Even with my fatigue medicine.... I just wanted to sleep. I actually didn't even hear my alarm go off this morning. I don't know if I don't hear my alarm because I'm so fatigued... or because of my loss of hearing, or both. Anyway, back to the whole gait thing... My mom helped me read my medical records, and it said that my gait is "wide and exaggerated", I don't really know what that means, but I know that my gait isn't "normal".

I was going to go to the gym today, but they didn't have my reservation right for the day care... and I'm experiencing major foot dragging this morning. So I think I'm just going to take it easy today. I was going to try and clean the house & do laundry.... but I don't think James is going to let me try. I feel bad that he just got home from working a 24 hr shift and now has to do the things, I'm supposed to be doing. It makes me feel like I'm "lazy" and not holding up my job as a house wife... but what can you do, when your body holds you back from doing things...

Yesterday though I did do something that is going to help out a lot... I signed up for automatic bill pay on the majority of our bills... so that's something I don't have to worry about doing and/or remembering. It's kind of like a weight lifted from my shoulders... and I don't have to worry about people calling saying the bills aren't paid.

James is supposed to take me to a Basketball game tonight, hopefully I can make it. I really don't like using any kind of assistive device out side of the house because I get aggravated when people stare at me. Again, that's when you need a slap a stupid button. I want to make/get a shirt that says "take a picture of my disability, it lasts longer" or something along those lines... maybe I'll put it in the MSWorld CafePress Store..? What do y'all think?

I'm hoping that since Luke is home today cause he doesn't have mothers-day-out that he will take a nap so I can take a nap as well. Again, even with taking my fatigue medicine... I'm exhausted. It's not just the "tired" feeling though, it's like my body is tired as well. I keep yawning and not even coffee is helping right now. I guess I'm just going to lay around the house today and hopefully this rest will make sure I'm feeling better tomorrow... so that I can do my house wife duties, or attempt it lol

Since I was too tired to blog yesterday, I did write a poem... if you want to check it out, click here.
For those that are reading this, I really hope you are a member of because that has been my support group through this journey... and I know that it helps so many others living with MS... even caregivers.

Well, I'm gonna go lay down, everyone take care and have a good EASY weekend.


Lazy Song By Bruno Mars


  1. Hi Ashley-just came across your blog on the MS group-as a fellow MS-er I'd like to suggest that you go on your dashboard and add the gadget-join this site-and add it to your main page-I'd rather read as a follower instead of receiving e-mails-and-I enjoyed your article and will check in later to read more of your stories...have a really good day...

  2. Hi Ashley,My name is Doris Fitanzo I am a married mother of 3,28 years old.i work full time and i struggle everyday to rmain as normal as i can possibly be.i have rrms and was diagnosed in niv of 2004.i am so tired all the time,after just alittle walking i feel like im just going to fall i dread anything that has to do with whole life kinda resolves around me worrying how far the car is from the house or the temperature outside,I never felt like there was anyone who truley understood until i came across ur blog.I feel like everyone looking at me is just lauphing at me.i miss my old self.although i am doing very well for being diagnosed 8 years ago its still thr most hardest thing ive ever had to endure.i am on copaxone.i just started a medication only a year ago right after i realixed i was relapsing way to much and being on iv steroids way to frequently.since the year of being on copaxone i have not even had 1 relapse.yes ive had symptoms that i go through on everyday basis but nothing like an exacerbation.somthing that is really hard for me is sure u understand.i cant wear heels at if i dress up i look rediculous because of the shoe thing i end up wearing a dress with slippers its pretty embarasing.

  3. Doris, have you looked in to the flats they have for dress up shoes? That's what I wear, because if I try and wear anything with a heal, my face will meet the floor. I'm glad to hear you are doing well on Copaxone.... I hope I can start Tysabri soon. I'm kind of worried about not being on a medication for over a month. I know that it kinda brings peace in a way to find out that what you go through, you are not alone. It's very hard for me, since I used to be such an active person & now I'm not... I hate it. I feel lazy, but I know that I'm not... I'de rather rest than over do... cause the consequences of over doing are far worse than being "lazy".
    I wish you the best in your journey & thank you for checking out my blog.