Thursday, January 26, 2012

Neuro Check-Up

I had an appointment today w/ the neuro & he is glad that I didn't have many side effects to my first Tysabri infusion. All I experienced was major fatigue afterwards, which I slept all day because of it. We did the usual check of my motor skills, my whole right side is weaker than my left, go figure. I knew that was coming because I notice it everyday. My next infusion is February 16th, so we will see how that goes. He said the more and more I get infusions, the more my body will recognize the medication and adapt to it, so that's a relief. Sleeping all day is not something I like to do, even though my body calls for it every now and then and I don't listen.

I have a follow-up in three months with him, I think that's more because of the Tysabri. I'm wishing that I could get full strength back in my right arm/hand because I miss crocheting. Plus, I really think it's going to mess up my fishing skills, if I go anytime soon. I have to make sure I'm on my "A Game" when I go fishing so I can do better than the hubby LOL

I took Luke to his Ortho appointment after my appointment and he got his cast put on. It's blue, they couldn't do a camo cast like he wanted. They did give him a walking boot and said he could walk on it every now and then, since there is no stopping a two-year old. I'm so relieved my mom is here, maybe I can get some sleep now. I've been up in the middle of the night with Luke cause he was crying in pain and we also had some really bad storms come through... but at least we got some rain from it, Texas really needed it. We still need a lot more.

So i've really been trying to get my MS off my mind 24/7... any ideas on things I can do to keep busy? I hate having my symptoms smack me in the face all the time, so I'm trying to do the whole "out of sigh out of mind" thing... James has been playing a lot of softball lately, and I get to keep the score so that keeps me busy on the weekends and stuff and it's fun. (I have a slight obsession with sports)

I haven't been to the gym in a while, things have been crazy and I really need to get back to it. I guess the bad experience I had there kind of made me stray away from it... I was trying a work out w/ a dumb bell and I lost my balance and people laughed at me... and I really wanted to take the dumb bell and throw it at them... but refrained from doing so.

I guess it's time to rest, I've been on the move all day long and it's whooped my butt.


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