Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nervous about tomorrow...

My first Tysabri infusion is in the morning... I'm hoping I can sleep tonight. When I'm nervous or anxious about something... I tend to now be able to sleep well. On top of being nervous... my allergies are kicking my butt right now. You know you live in Texas when your 3 day forecast is.. High of 51, High of 75, high of 52... REALLY?

Anyways, I keep reading over the information Tysabri sent me... I'm thinking I'm going to go in there w/ comfy clothes on. I'm a sweat pants kinda girl! I think sweat pants and a book and a blanket... I'll be good. I'm really crossing my fingers that I don't have any type of reaction with it. I'm already having some symptom issues as it is, I don't need anything added on to.

One thing I've realized about MS... that I think really needs to be voiced in our MS Awareness. People need to realize that we don't live w/ a "flare" everyday... we live with the symptoms... along with symptoms comes medication... along with medication, comes side effects of the medication! It's like a spiral effect that just doesn't stop and that's what people don't understand.

"Oh, you seem like you're doing better".... then you think to yourself ..'hmm maybe cause I took more meds' lol I over did on Monday & I'm still having issues w/ stable walking... My legs keep buckling on me and it sucks. It's scary to get around when you can't even trust your own legs! I can't even explain the things that I go through everyday! I don't want to even try to explain what I go through everyday, because it's like explaining things to a wall, things to sink in. When people can't relate to you, they can't understand. But then there are those people who always "one up" you... where it's like oh yeah I've had that, it's not that bad, just deal with it. Those are the kind of people need a reality check.

I've been extremely fatigued lately... I don't know what's going on, but my fatigue meds aren't working & I just yawn ALL day long! I don't get it... it's so hard to decipher what's causing what and why! On a good note, I did get my pajamas and journal today that I ordered from the MSWorld Store! Comfy pajamas... I wish I could wear pajamas all the time!!!!!!! Just live in the pajamas lol I'm such a lazy person!

Well, speaking of fatigue, I'm going to bed.

I will let everyone know how my infusion goes tomorrow.



  1. Good luck! I have been on Tysabri for 20 months. No new legions. Love it, love it, love it! It usually has a nice kick of energy the first few weeks for me. The last week is the worse. I have 3 kids 8 and under. So energy is not usually an option :) hope it works we'll for you too.