Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy Weekend!

Okay, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been really busy... but the good news is, I took my last final today! So I'm officially starting my break from school! I got pretty much all of my Christmas decorations up, I know I'm a slacker... but hey at least I did it. Tomorrow I get some peace & quiet w/ no school to worry about & the kids will be at school! I might just go get me a massage because my spasticity has been a killer lately.

My dad came up w/ my step mom and cousin on Saturday... that was fun! He brought me a huge bedframe and a water bed that has a heater. So I'm excited about all of that. Sunday we ran errands like crazy and finished up all of our Christmas shopping... it never ends. I really need to start wrapping presents, maybe that's something I'll do tomorrow with the kids in school. I went to James's Christmas Party tonight, just got home not too long ago. My body is telling me not to do anything else tonight & I'm going to agree with it,

My hands have been giving me a lot of issues lately. That's another reason I haven't written in a while. I have that Dragon Dictation: Speech Recognition Program, but it doesn't pick up on my stuttering from my cognitive issues. I'm still waiting to hear back about my blood results about the JC virus... man I hate waiting.

My 6 year wedding anniversary is Saturday, I'm super excited about that. I can't believe I survived 6 years of marriage... with everything that we've been through but at the end of the day, I love him so what can ya do. lol

I feel bad that he has to take care of me sometimes... and that we can't do all the other things we used to. That's one thing about this disease... it doesn't just effect the person diagnosed, it effects everyone else around them.

I still haven't had a lot of improvement on my cognitive issues. This whole not remembering things is not fun at all... and the mood swings are not fun for anyone around me. I should come w/ a warning sign right now. It's like, worse than when I was pregnant. I just snap about anything and everything... and everything gets on my nerves.

I think tomorrow will be good, I can have some time to my self just to relax and do what I want to do, w/ out worrying about anyone else. Everyone needs that time to their self and I don't get it that often, so when I do have that time I'm very grateful. Maybe I can actually attempt cleaning my house... We will see how that goes. I've looked in to getting a cleaning service... but it's so expensive! My mom and I were looking at applying for that Extreme Home Makeover thing... to make my house more accessible for me.

I can barely walk in my room... so, when I'm needing my walker or something, I usually just sleep on the couch. I can't stand to take a shower... & that bathtub is really small for me to maneuver in to sit and bathe. I also need to get a letter from my neuro about proof of diagnosis... so I can apply for some of the medical equipment from the MSAA. I think I'm gonna get all that done tomorrow & also call my lawyer & check up on my case. I first applied for Social Security... October/November of 2010. I'm really hoping that this whole process is just over with and that the Social Security Office realizes that having MS is disabling...

I don't know why, but I've been really distant towards my family as well. I haven't been answering my phone much because I'm just not in the mood to talk. & I think I need to have a notepad stuck to my side so I can write things down because I'm always forgetting something that I thought about five minutes ago. Then I get annoyed with myself that I can't remember!

I'm still not taking my Avonex... my neuros office said that my system would have to be cleaned out for me to start something like Tysabri anyway... so, I think it's for the best. Hopefully with school over & once Christmas is over, my stress level will go down a bit.

Well, my hand is not cooperating w/ me anymore. So I'm going to call it a night.


Broken by Seether, feat. Amy Lee


  1. Were your finals hard for you? I can't remember crap, even dropped my Probability and Statistics class due to memory issues and being overwhelmed (13 units), but my other classes have suffered also.
    I like reading your blog, makes me know I'm not alone and that things could be worse.

  2. Well, I go to school online so it's a bit easier than actually going to class. I did good on THIS final... but economics, not so much. My prof told me that our final would be over our previous exams, that she had given us the answer to, & a little bit of new material. If it wasn't for that... I wouldn't of remembered all those questions asked.
    I'm glad you like reading my blog, I love writing... I do some poetry as well:'m-just-like-you

    Those are some of the poems I have online.

    It seems like, me dealing with my MS gets easier, when I know that I'm not alone in my feelings. I've decided to take a break from school, so my GPA doesn't suffer anymore. I feel like a quitter at times, but I know it's for the best.