Monday, December 5, 2011

Changes coming my way...

Well I heard from my DR's Nurse Practitioner & I as of right now I have "active"lesions... meaning I'm in a flare. I start 3 days of IV steroids tomorrow and I will be picking up a lab paper tomorrow to get some blood work done to test for the JC virus, to see if I can go on Tysabri. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared... who wouldn't be? They said that I don't have to take the Avonex since it's not doing what it's supposed to, so I'm not going to... because the side effects kick my butt the day after.

I woke up this morning w/ gout... that's a lot of fun, not really. So let's see... I have my urology appointment on the 20th, that will be a relief to go to. I told my DR's nurse that I had decided to quit school for right now, because of my cognitive issues. I also updated my lawyer on everything as well... which I need to do again, since we decided I'm getting IV steroids and everything. Hopefully the steroids will help my brain function & swallowing problems. It seems like the swallowing problems have kinda gone down a little bit but my cognitive problems have been on the rise.

Hopefully I can get everything settled about what medication i'll be on and when... they said it would take like 2 weeks for me to get an answer about my blood work checking for the JC virus. Isn't that PML? I don't know... my brain is toast lately. I got two finals out of the way, one more to go. I have almost all of my xmas shopping done, which i've done from home.

I'm relieved that I finally heard from my doctor's office... but I'm still scared. I was just so used to my usual routine of medication, so this is throwing me for a loop. Well, at least it's only a once a month infusion instead of a weekly shot, right? I'm not looking forward to steroids because I'm always hungry when I'm on them. But then I'm hoping that they help out with w/ increased symptoms because they are getting on my nerves.

My mom is staying with me for the week to help me and she wants to go w/ me to my steroid infusions and all that "fun" stuff. So I'm thinking that since I'm going to have a "break" from school that I'm going to focus on my health & see if I can write a book or something. Hopefully I can get this social security stuff figured out during that time as well. I need some sort of income... especially if my student loans are going to kick in for paying them back. I'm just ready for some relief in all of this. I feel like I went from being good to everything going crazy in like 2 seconds.

Anyways, I'll do an update tomorrow after my infusion and blood draw for the test of the JC virus.


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