Friday, December 9, 2011

Foot Drop Anyone?

So... I've been under a lot of stress lately & yesterday I was at a friends house just relaxing (for once) & hanging out and when I got up to leave I realized my right leg wasn't... stable. On the drive home, James was driving, I noticed my right arm wasn't up to par either. When I went to get out of the car... my leg didn't want to "get up and go". I had a cane inside the house so I was using that, but it was hard considering my arm was weak along w/ my leg. (same side)

I decided to just get some rest... thought I might just been having a lack of sleep kinda thing. I woke up this morning and I could walk around, but not easily. I'm still hoping the steroids really help out w/ all of these symptoms. It's like... one thing after another... I get surprised by something a lot lately in regards to my MS. I'm just going to write it off that I'm under a lot of stress lately, due to school and Christmas and all that stuff. Hopefully, it will resolve itself... because something ELSE to deal with from my MS... just isn't something I ordered. lol

I have one more final left... I wish I could just take it and get it over with, I'm just ready to write off school for the time being. I really need to focus on my health & family life... not my GPA. I can say one thing I want to be over with before finals.... these stupid heightened emotions from steroids! I am NOT the kinda person that cries a lot... and I've been a big baby lately, and I don't like it.

My dad called & told me he is going to come & visit me tomorrow... whether that really happens or not, we will see... but it's the thought that counts, right? My mom is still up here... I'm not sure when she is leaving, but I wish she didn't live so far away. I know the boys miss her when she is gone... especially how she spoils them!

I forgot to call my neuro's office today... I have to get an approval on a refill of my Cymbalta... & last night, the pharmacy said that they still hadn't heard back from his office. I'm really gonna be pissed if I can't get a refill on my meds because the pharmacy didn't hear back from my neuro's office. I'm not dependent on Cymbalta for just ONE thing... it helps w/ my emotions (depression, anxiety, stress) as well as my neuropathic pain. Last time this happened with my old neuro, when I was on Prozac... I had to go without for like ONE day & I ended up having an anxiety/panic attack. Not the best feeling in the world, I can tell you that much.

We got most of the decorations up inside yesterday -- minus the tree. Our fake tree is, no good. So, we're going to get a new one this weekend... then we can decorate it. Hopefully we can get all of the Christmas stuff up by the end of the weekend... then I need to start putting together the boys gift bags for their school parties. I have to go to James's Christmas Party on Monday Night... that's always fun! They always request that I bring Sopapilla Cheesecake ( if you haven't made that/had that... here is the recipe: Sopapilla Cheesecake ) It is probably one of the easiest desserts to make that everyone loves!

Well, it's been a VERY long day & I'm gonna make it an early night & get my butt to bed.
Take Care Everyone!


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  1. had those same syptoms for about 7 months!!! I went to phsical therapy for stretching so you don't get contractures or stiff tendons ligaments etc.. and strength training in different parts of my leg. I also got an AFO brace but didn't wear it much cause it was so hot this summer!! Be careful about spraining your ankle- I did that SOOO much at first. I have almost all my function back don't get discouraged I used to get SOOO upset and frustrated. I walked with a cane when I had to walk long distances, and still have problems when I get tired. Keep your head up :)