Thursday, December 29, 2011

Very accomplished but hurting...

Well, it's taken me all week... but my house is ALMOST all the way clean. I feel very accomplished... but hurting at the same time... I never would of imagined back in the day that cleaning my house would be such a chore. What used to take me one day... now takes a week. So by the time the whole house has been cleaned... there is a mess somewhere, usually the boys room.

I'm glad I have a easy cleaning machine... instead of a broom and mop, I got this hoover multi-floor cleaner... it vacuums, mops and dries... AMAZING. This way, I don't slip on a wet floor. All I really have left to do is clean off my desk & clean off the kitchen bar... but that can wait for now... because I'm having a hard time gripping objects & I really don't want to grip something glass off of the kitchen bar and it break all over the floor.

James did a lot outside... since it's finally nice outside for him to do it. I miss doing outside work, but what can you do. He has been talking about making ramps for the door ways in to the house, so I can stop tripping over the stump, that would be a relief. Stupid feet not wanting to do what I tell them to do. Very frustrating when my body betrays me like that.

I'm probably going to make it an early night to night since I'm hurting real bad... I shouldn't of cleaned like I did... but I didn't realize I would be paying for it like this... even when I paced myself cleaning. The boys are SOOOO ready to go back to school... they are asking me every night "Do I go to school in the morning?" Good thing is next week I can say YESSSSS!

Tomorrow I thought my father-in-law was off work, but I guess he isn't. So it looks like I'm taking the kids with me to go get all my medical records from my neuro and eye doctor. I told them if they cleaned their room today that I would take them to play at chik-fil-a ... so we are going to make a stop there after I get all of my records. Then they can play while I go through all the paperwork.

My right hand is numb right now from over doing it I guess. Which isn't fun, since I'm right handed. Thank the lord for speech recognition programs. I think I wouldn't be able to do anything on the computer if it wasn't for that thing. Gotta love where technology has taken us.

Well, it's time for my assisted shower time...


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