Thursday, December 1, 2011

Still no word on MRI

Okay, I had a VERY busy day today! Got up at 6am to get Jason off to the bus, got Luke dressed for him to go to school, made his lunch all that fun stuff. James and I took Luke to school, went to his grandma's house to pick up one of the boys presents that was shipped there. Went to the post office, then to the feed store to get chicken feed. FINALLY came home so I could study for my finals.

I bugged my neuro during this a little bit, still haven't received my MRI results, which is VERY annoying. So, I got some studying done... not sure if I'm going to remember any of it, but hey, I did it. I did ALL of the laundry today & now I'm washing TWO pairs of Luke's shoes, because not only did he go "mudding" yesterday, but he did it again today! I took the boys to Chik-Fil-A once Jason got off of the bus, so that I could get some reading done for Economics & they could play... but I got to pre-occupied in watching them, to make sure they were okay, to get any reading done.

I'm crossing my fingers that I hear something about my MRI tomorrow. I hate this stupid waiting game... And to top it all off, there is yet ANOTHER weather change coming to Texas & it has all my symptoms slapping me in the face, AGAIN. Along w/ the stress of finals & the holidays, I just want to be a cave woman right about now! lol Used to the only thing that would bother me about the weather change was my arthritis... now it's that and spasms and everything else in the book. Talk about "slamming the book down on me".

I just feel like I'm being diagnosed all over again & it's stressful and I don't even have time to really have a a social life outside of all of this. I mean, not like I have a lot of friends here anyway, but you know what I mean. It's pretty pathetic on how fast people drop you when they find out you have MS... or something like it. It's like they think you are "contagious" or something... I mean c'mon... you can't expect me to NOT talk about something that is life changing to me, right when I get diagnosed... or when I'm going through a flare. It just amazes me on how disrespectful people are these days.

I mean, people are "amazed" that my kids say, yes ma'am and no sir... all that stuff. It's like yea, it's called manners... is that not what people are teaching their kids these days? Are my kids angels, of course not... but they will have manners. I will not allow them to disrespect others the way I have been disrespected in my life, it's just un-called for.

Well hopefully I hear something from the neuro tomorrow... cause I can't wait any longer. It's like waiting for the sequel of a movie to come out... ! UGHHH I think my brain is just DONE for the day, like it can't handle anything else... or else it will be "overloaded". So I'm going to call it a night, I have a busy weekend this weekend, but if I hear anything from the neuro, I'll update!


The Climb by Miley Cyrus
Even though I don't like Miley Cyrus, I like this song a lot... it explains a lot about MS, if you think about it.

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