Saturday, December 24, 2011

Starting Tysabri Soon

Me & James... He is my rock.
Okay, this past Thursday I went to see my neurologist and I SAW the lab results of me being JCV negative!! I saw the nurse practitioner & she went over all of the Tysabri information (risks & benefits). The comments I've had on my blog are amazing... and very reassuring, for those who are on Tysabri. The nurse practitioner told me that someone will be contacting me soon w/ a "touch" number & my Dr's office will be getting it approved my insurance in the mean time.

They said it would take about 2 to 3 weeks w/ the holidays being here. So I'm hoping that the time goes by fast because I want to get on a medication. They told me I had to be off of Avonex for two weeks before starting Tysabri... but that's not an issue because I haven't taken it the whole month of December. I'm excited to begin this path of treatment & hopefully have some improvement on everything I've been having issues with.

I still can't believe it's Christmas Eve... I'm excited & so are the kids. Jason was up all night though, with food poisoning... but he is doing much better now & has slept most of the day. Tonight we are going to James's Aunt's house for a Christmas Eve gathering... James is at work right now but he is having someone cover his shift for like 3 hours for him to come to the gathering & see family that we don't see that often.

My mom is here spending Christmas with us... which I'm really excited about! I love it when she is here & helps me with things around the house & the kids... though I feel bad that she does so much. I tried to do the laundry & clean the house before she got here, so she didn't have to do that.... but you know mothers. lol

I'm upset that part of James's present got lost by Fed Ex... so I won't get the other part to his deer feeder till next week. I'm wondering what I'm getting.... I can't wait to see it. My dad & step-mom and step-niece came up yesterday to do our Christmas & for me to give my dad his birthday present as well... cause his birthday is the 2nd of January -- and I probably won't see him then.

I've been really fatigued lately, and I don't really know why. I don't know if it's the weather, my MS, stress... or all combined... who knows right? I've been setting up alarms on my phone to help me remember things... like a med reminder and all that. Because when James is at work... I don't have someone here to remind me to take my medication.

James went to the Rec Center yesterday and signed us up for a membership so that I can go up there and do some work outs that I learned at physical therapy. My right side has been weak lately, and my neuro's practitioner suggested I do physical therapy if I don't improve soon... but I'de like to try and do it on my own.. So we will see how that goes.

Well, it's time to start getting ready for the gathering tonight... everyone have a Happy Holidays!


News Release about JCV & Tysabri

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