Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Had my MRI

Well, I went for my MRI this morning. Thank goodness they sedated me for it... because I'm really bad w/ my spasticity while laying still. Once I got out of there & I "sobered" up a little bit, I called the neuros office. They gave me the number to a urologist they are referring me to, so that I can make an appointment. I will do that tomorrow morning.

They also said that they will call me in a few days with my MRI results. I hate the waiting game, it's like getting a diagnosis all over again. I'm just feel that there is something going on... and I want to know NOW. Needless to say, I'm not the most patient person there is out there.

You know that feeling where YOU know something is going on with your body, that isn't known yet. It's like you want the truth, even if it hurts. That's how I feel right about now. My diagnosing neurologist had in my records that he was "significantly concerned of Primary Progressive MS", which I don't feel is true, but I just dont "feel" like I'm RRMS. In all honesty, evaluating myself from the beginning of all this, I haven't had any relapses in over year, but my symptoms have progressively gotten worse. So I'm thinking Secondary Progressive MS... Which, in all reality, I've read that 50% of those diagnosed with Repeating Remitting go to Secondary Progressive MS after like a 10 year time frame... But there is no telling on how long I've actually had MS.

I can say that valium is amazing & it made ALL my pain go away... but hey, can't take that on a daily basis, lol. I came home and was going to nap but I got busy doing other things. So I think it's going to be an early night tonight. Gotta take ALL my meds before though. I am seriously, a walking pharmacy. I take: Avonex (slow progression of MS), Abilify (Anxiety/Stress), Baclofen (Spasticity), Clonozepam (Severe Spasticity, as needed), Cymbalta (Depression/Anxiety/Stress/Nerve Pain), Naproxen (as needed for pain), and Nuvigil (Fatigue & Cognitive Issues)... Oh I am on a med too for acne, but that is not related to all this MS crap.

I really hope I get in to the clinical trial for the med that is like Baclofen, but with less side effects. It would be amazing to be on a med that helps my spasticity, but with less side effects (drowsiness). I also need to contact my lawyer about my MRI... & hopefully I can get into the urologist really fast. It's pretty annoying to have urinary issues and being 24 years old. But I have to think of all of this MS stuff as, God wouldn't deal me this card, unless he knew I was strong enough to overcome it. It's just really hard to deal with something that is invisible to most.

Well, I'm exhausted... I'll update tomorrow once I speak w/ the urologist and everything. Hopefully my neuro will get me my MRI results quick fast & in a hurry!


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