Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, it's been an eventful past two days, that's for sure. Yesterday I baked all morning for Thanksgiving & then I drove to San Antonio, to have Thanksgiving w/ my dad's side of the family Wednesday night, and today I had lunch w/ my mom's side of the family. I got home not too long ago.

Who knew that just siting & driving would drain me so much?! I have aches & pains all over and I'm like WTF! I'm glad to be back home though... very relaxed now! I've come to realize from this trip, why I don't travel all that much. It just drains me of energy & eating the turkey, didn't help at all.

I was happy to see all my family, I don't see them all that often. I got home to a warm welcome from the dogs, that's always the best! My mom followed me up here, to stay for the weekend. Somehow she knew in my voice from earlier this week, that I wasn't doing good. MOMS! lol

I'm nervous to get my MRI on Tuesday.... hopefully I have no new lesions... maybe my existing are just irritated at the moment. Who knows... Cause I do have two lesions on my brain stem & I know that can affect my swallowing, but urinary?!?! I don't know... stupid confusing MS!

Some of my family here and there asked me how I was doing.. I said the classic saying, "I'm fine" lol I mean, not to be rude... but if I had told most of them, they wouldn't of understood anyways. Ya know, I feel like it took forever to get answers that led to my diagnosis & then whenever something new happens, it feels like the waiting game all over again!!! Doesn't this cycle end? I'm guessing not!

Well, I've been looking more in to my degree plan & I'm going to try and change my major to Communications (Public Relations).... catchy, ay? lol My mom talked to my cousin, who has diabetes... who used the same lawyer I am... He said it took him over two years to get disability... and he didn't have to go to court, but the lawyer went to the judge! So, I'm thinking I need to call my lawyer, see what's up?!

OH! I printed out & filled out some papers for the MSAA to get a "snazzy" walker instead of the walker I have w/ tennis balls on it lol, this one has 4wheels... so all I need is my lawyer to verify my MS diagnosis & I'm gonna send that stuff in! I asked to get the "hand-rail" too... so I have an easier time getting out of bed... cause that's a pain in my ... ya.

HELLO! I'm 24 years old... shouldn't I have other things to worry about besides this stupid BS MS... just saying. I'm glad I have the support I do though, through all of this... I don't know what I'de do w/ out it. Well, I'm stuffed & it's about time to watch the UT vs. ATM game! So i'll catch up later, I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving! Take care!


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