Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is it Monday yet?

So... I'm ready for it to be Monday so I can get the results from my neuro about my lab work for the urinary issues I've been having. Wanna talk about embarrassing? I was out with my friends and I had to cough and .... Ya, needless to say I had to go back to the hotel to shower.

I'm seeing a lot of people at this softball tournament that I haven't seen in a while and when they "learn" I have MS, they get that stupid sympathetic look on their face and say "I'm sorry" ya I get that a lot... But instead of people saying I'm sorry, hearing what can I / we do to help out like that would mean so much more to me.

I don't want sympathy or pity I want support... Find out how you can help the cause, ya know? It's like they want me to explain what I'm feeling like living with MS and it isn't understood that I CAN'T explain it....

Okay that's my vent for now... I'll keep y'all updated with everything and what my neuros office says. If everything comes back normal... I'm getting referred to a urologist and have to get a full MRI. I had one in March of this year and there was nothing on my spine... But who knows. I told them that I want to be knocked out for a full MRI. Last time I had one they had to stop in the middle of it and wake me up cause I was jerking in my sleep.

Updates soon!!! Take care and remember it's better to let it out than hold it all in and let it eat at you.

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