Thursday, November 3, 2011

Living with MS

So, I've been fighting to get Social Security for over a year now. I just got my THIRD denial letter... three... really?
They aren't taking any of my actual "problems" in to account. Spasticity.... it's not just like a back spasm here and there, it's different, a pain I could never full describe to someone who hasn't experienced it for themselves.
I wouldn't be "sitting" around trying to get Social Security, if I didn't feel that I needed it/deserved it. If I can't write/type a paper for school, without assistance that's saying something.

One thing is, a lot of my "typing" comes from me speaking in to my iPad w/ the Dragon app, and the copy pasting it in to an e-mail, sending it to myself... and then pasting it in to word and submitting it...  Is that saying something?

It takes me an HOUR to actually get moving around w/ out not wanting to just curl up in a ball and go back to sleep. It's pretty ridiculous that the people that decide if i'm eligible to work or not... are eligible to work. I had a job interview last year, but the day before my interview, I had a really bad flare up and was diagnosed.

It makes me sick to my stomach to know that there are so many people out there that need assistance, but then there are people out there that abuse the system. For Christ sakes... I can't even clean my house anymore... well like I used to.

Anything and everything I used to do, has now been ... modified, so that it can be done... It's just draining, to have to "fight" to PROVE that I actually cannot do the things that they think I can.


  1. Ok so Ashley I got my SS disability in 30 days. I have many things I help people with with disability apps. My neuro doc send MS patients looking for disability to me all the time. I have PPMS. Send me an email if you like and I will be happy to help!

  2. My wife was just recently approved as well. Took us about six weeks to get an answer,of course we still have to wait out the mandatory 5 month waiting period before she actually receives her first check. When they requested your medical records from your doctors, did they also get a copy of a current MRI. My wife just learned yesterday, from her new neurologist, that she actually has active lesions that showed up on the MRI that the Social Security docs were given. We would be happen to share with you as well!!

  3. Not to push anyone's button but I also got my benefits approved the first time I tried.Wrote a letter myself with my wonderful Dr's letter attached.I really do believe in all has to do with what Dr. has to say.Both were short and to the point,that my ability to work had been totally compermised because of issues with stagmina, balance& cognitive thinking process.I was at the time a GF for company that build & repaired off shore oil platforms.Good luck & never give up hope for a cure!!!