Monday, November 28, 2011

MRI tomorrow!

Well, tomorrow is the day, that I get my MRI of the brain! I really hate getting MRI's but then again, I'm excited because it means I'm closer to getting results as to WHAT THE HELL is going on w/ me. I still need to call the neuro about a referral to the urologist, I meant to today... but I got so busy w/ school work. I'm honestly, just ready for school to be over and done with. I have no 'pleasure' or excitement about doing school work anymore.

So I'm sitting here wondering... okay, what if the MRI doesn't show anything... then what? Does it mean I'm just a more progressive case? Cause from what I've heard and seen.... my RRMS is more progressive than most. I'm glad they aren't doing a MRI of EVERYTHING all at once, again.. cause that was pure torture. I'm hoping James can go w/ me... but it depends on getting our son to school. Even though he can't be in the room w/ me, it's nice to have someone there waiting for me when I'm done. 

I'm still not sure if they are doing an MRI w/ contrast... or what... I like it when they do because it shows lesions better than a regular MRI, but then again that contrast makes me sick to my stomach. Well at least I got a lot of my school work out of the way today, so I don't have to worry about doing it when I get home, because I will probably just want to sleep. Even though I'm laying there in that annoying tube... it is exhausting. I have to stay awake during it, to make sure my tremors don't take over.  

One of the things I have noticed lately, is my memory is soooo long gone! I can't remember anything & it's soo annoying! I'm trying to keep my stress level under control because that seems to make everything worse... but saying I'm going to do something & actually doing it are two different things. 

I'm glad that the weather has finally cooled off in Texas thought and it looks like it's going to level out for a little bit, thank goodness. We finally got some rain too.... we need a lot more, but hey at least it's something. I need to plan on a trip soon to take the boys on the hay ride and pick out and cut down our Christmas tree, even if we can do that this year. They said since the drought was so bad, a lot of the tree farms suffered. 

It was just my luck for Texas to have the worst summer ever, on my first summer with my MS diagnosis. I will never complain about too much rain or too much cold weather EVER again. Well it's about time for me to go fill my medicine box, so I don't FORGET to take my meds! 


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  1. Good luck Ashley. Getting a MRI is a big event because it lets you know where you stand. It gives you a clearer view of your diagnosis and a better idea of how to fight your type of MS. Once again, Good Luck.