Friday, November 18, 2011

It's a BLAH day

So, I really need to clean my house today, but sitting around and watching Lion King w/ Luke sounds so much better. Brings me back to my childhood days. I passed both of my quizzes this week, so that was a relief. Now I just need to get some things done, to be ahead in school so that I don't get so overwhelmed with school work all the time.

I can tell you that I am tired of people coming at me w/ a negative attitude. It's a sad thing that common sense isn't so common these days. I did do some cleaning yesterday... to keep my mind occupied. I kept getting on Facebook and seeing everyone's status updates about seeing Breaking Dawn & it just pissed me off.

I'm glad that everyone is enjoying reading my blog, it means a lot that by reading my blog it's helping them cope with MS. So, I'm not like severely depressed right now, this is just my way of letting it all out. It's better than keeping it all bottled up inside, cause for those of you who know me, it's not a good thing for me to explode on someone.

I'm just glad that I have MSWorld to help me through all of this. It keeps me busy and let's me feel involved and like I'm doing my part. It's also fun, I have fun with what I'm doing, minus the bullshit that comes along with it. I've met some great people there though. It's like Montel said, "You don't get it, till you get it."

So, I started this whole juicing thing... and I really enjoy it, I don't get exhausted as quick. I'm not saying my symptoms are gone, but they aren't as intense, because I have more energy. "I'm gonna be a mighty king, so enemies beware!" lol

I'm going to call neuro soon to schedule MRI & I also need to figure out what I can do about this whole clinical trial for spasticity. I'd like to have a medicine that didn't cause more fatigue. Sometimes I wish that everyone came to my house for the holidays, instead of all of this traveling, but then I think.... well I don't have to clean up for it in the long run lol

Alight, I'm out for now, I gotta get SOME cleaning done. Take Care!

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