Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On to the odd stuff

Okay, so yesterday... I had to drive 3 & 1/2 hours to a school orientation and then drive 3 & 1/2 hours back... alone. It was nice to have some alone time, but the whole driving thing wasn't the best. I had to stop at least 4 times there and 4 times back I think, to go to the restroom... which is un-usual for me. I guess I might be experiencing some sort of Urinary Incontinence, because today... I was on the couch, and then I had to "run" (hurry) to the restroom to even make it there in time, so this is something new for me that I need to talk to my neuro about.

Also, dry mouth? Is that something w/ MS? Cause out of no where I'm having dry mouth, where it seems like something is stuck in my throat... Oh and the hot flashes have returned... it varies day by day on which are it affects. It used to be, my face... at this moment, it's the right side of my body. Yesterday it was my left. So I'm really frustrated and wondering why my symptoms can't seem to get under control. But remember, I'm still not "disabled".

I'm ready for school to be over... and I know I need to finish up the "2011-2012" school year, but it's like ... what's the point almost... I'm coming to the realization that I'm not gonna be able to be a probation officer, because my MS is just stopping me from even functioning at home... how is it going to allow me to work? I'm looking in to something that I could do ... like work from home. That way I can be on my own kinda time thing... That's the only reason I can go to school these days.

I'm looking forward to the holidays coming up but not the stress from it. Since I've been typing, I said my right side was "hot" ... now my right hand is going numb, so I think I'm gonna give it a break and check back in later. Don't mean to be a pitty party all the time, that's now what I want. It's just nice to know that others living with MS know how I feel & that I'm not alone in these feelings.

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